11041587_10152722608521065_3886647487142358260_o copyHello, I am Thomas Hitch! I am currently attending Indiana University majoring in Journalism. I have completed four semesters at Ball State University majoring in Journalism on the track of News and Telecommunications. Raised in Indiana since the early nineties, I have been expanding my knowledge in journalism and sport industries.

Growing up at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I have advanced my passion for the grounds built in 1909 to be my favorite place to be that gives me a sense of calm. In 2010 and 2014, I was privileged to work in multiple internship programs for its New Media and Guest Services departments.

I love to work in nearly every field of journalism. Writing has always been a passion of mine; however, I have been expanding my knowledge in social media, photography, radio and other forms. I started a blog (BAJA Sports) as a project in a News course at Ball State, which eventually led to my first internship.

Another passion of mine is event management and operations. My second concentration at IU is in Sport Management and Marketing, and I have worked for IU Athletics Ticket Sales department where I learned more about event management outside of guest relations.

I write to entertain readers, but also to share aspects or thoughts others might not realize or known. Facts are the most important to educating persons reading, and quality content is what I intend to provide.

Personally, I am one of two children, and enjoy hot summers, golf, photography, motorsports and basketball.

Here is one of my favorite quotations:

“If everything’s under control, you’re going too slow.” – Mario Andretti


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